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LNP caught out being dishonest by accusing Labor of cutting funding to the Rural Fire Service budget

It seems that the LNP have been caught out. Either they have not done their research and due diligence properly or they have outright made this up and lied to Queenslanders. And the media ran with it.

Check out this WIN News story below:

Member for Gregory, Lachlan Millar, and amateur LNP candidates for Keppel, Cairns & Barron River have all gone on television & blatantly told mistruths. You've been caught out. Fact checked by CQ News & highlighted in their article below. I call on all of them to come clean, be honest, apologise, and set the record straight. Be better.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services confirmed that last year, the RFS budget was $40.8 million, comprising $8.2 million for capital works (that is, the construction of buildings and fleet purchases) and $32.6 million for operating costs (or regular expenses, such as fuel). It said that this financial year, "there has been no decrease in the RFS budget".

The Palaszczuk Government has delivered more than 330 new appliances to Rural Fire Brigades. That’s the biggest investment in firefighting fleet in 20 years. That’s an average of around 60 new trucks every single year, compared with the LNP’s record of just 68 trucks for the entire three years they were in power. Putting aside the $13 million spent on trucks and capital works, the $40.8 million in funding for Rural Fire Services is still 11 percent higher than the LNP’s last Budget.

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