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Delivering for Barron River - Roads  

I am proud to have have represented and delivered for the Barron River electorate since 2015. The following are some of the most recent road developments that I am the most proud of in my electorate and surrounding suburbs. 

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Smithfield Bypass

$164 Million Investment 

The Smithfield Bypass is now open to motorists, providing vital infrastructure for the northern beaches of Cairns. The bypass meets current and future strategic transport needs of the area—providing a safer, more efficient travel route for motorists and industry.

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Cairns Western Arterial Road Upgrades

$60 Million Investment 

The department is undertaking a $300 million project to duplicate the Cairns Western Arterial Road between Redlynch Connector Road and Captain Cook Highway.

In October 2020, the Queensland Government committed to a $60 million upgrade of Cairns Western Arterial Road (CWAR) between Redlynch Connector Road and Kamerunga Road.

On 10 May 2021, the Australian Government committed a further $240 million to upgrade the remaining single lane sections of CWAR as part of the federal budget.


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Cairns Ring Road - 

$71.8 Million Investment 

The planning for a $359 million program of road upgrades is progressing on the Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and Smithfield.

The planning study will examine the wider Cairns City Road network, to inform the options analysis and the prioritisation and staging framework for construction along the route.


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Bill Fulton Bridge.jpg

Bill Fulton Bridge Upgrade

$34.2 Million Investment 

The upgraded Bill Fulton bridge is now open to motorists, improving traffic flow for the 30,000 vehicles who use the road daily. 


Intelligent Transport Systems - Kuranda Range


Various ITS stations will be installed between Smithfield and Rainforestation Nature Park. The ITS stations will complement the existing variable message signs on the approaches to Kuranda Range Road.

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